Attic Conversion, Balgriffin

Project Description:

This recent attic conversion in Balgriffin, Dublin helped the home owner reclaim an incredible amount of unused living space.

What was once an unused storage space is transformed into a new multi-purpose room for the whole household – for use as a private escape, a home cinema room, reading room and much more.

Complete Attic Renovation

This attic conversion included was a complete renovation starting with new roof trusses and steel works for structural integrity as well as a new water tank, ventilation, pipe works and flooring.

Having a bright space filled with natural light was a big priority for the home owner so the team were able to work the design to fit 3 large Velux windows into the new living space.

A completely new stairwell was custom built and fitted to provide easy access to the new room and glass panels were also built high into the walls above the new stairwell to allow for light to shine down into the landing from the attic space.

The new attic was well insulated and GT Carpentry provided all of the plaster boarding, studworks, doors and skirting.

Another Bathroom & Plenty of Storage

An additional bathroom was built into the new attic space, including all plumbing and tiling works, with a shower and a modern space-efficient electric radiator that can be set on a timer and controlled via an app.

Lot’s of alcoves and recesses were built into the eaves to provide plenty of storage space and the floor was laid with high quality laminate flooring.

Time To Complete

The entire project was completed in under 4 weeks, from start to finish. What a difference just a month can make to a home!

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