Project Description:

This commercial office renovation in Ballymount, Dublin, includes the creation of new office space, reclaimed from the warehouse area, new flooring, relighting and the expansion of the canteen area to accommodate more staff.

All works were completed in such a way as to accommodate the company’s daily operations, with minimal disruption and noise control, and with special accommodation made to eliminate the need for a kango to be used which minimised any dust issues.


Canteen Expansion

The company’s canteen could only accommodate 5-10 employees operating on staggered breaks. Not ideal for a growing company. Our team expanded the canteen area into a pre-existing meeting room, so that it can now cater for up to 20 staff members.

This also allowed the company to retain its recently installed kitchen, saving on project costs.


New Office Space

To compensate for the lost meeting space, our team converted the warehouse mezzanine area into a new additional meeting room, and created a hallway to access it.

These expansion and new office space works included new walls, insulation, wall coverings, skirtings, and new ceiling grids throughout each of the renovated areas, as well as bright new LED lighting systems, and data points.


Cost Savings

Our team used a tape and jointing system which was quick and cost effective for the customer, reducing the need for wet products and drying time, and the LED lighting systems provide reduced costs compared to fluorescents bulbs.

Throughout the project, our team was constantly clearing furniture and fittings to complete works, and then replacing them as we went to accommodate the company operations and keep spaces usable as much as possible.


New Floors

The downstairs was re-floored, upgrading from tiles to commercial grade laminate flooring. Instead of removing the tiles, our team levelled the floor to accommodate new laminate flooring.

This removed any need for using a kango to remove the floor tiles, which would have caused dust issues for the company and affected its operations.

We provided a flooring solution that was fast-drying, and reduced any disruption time, completing the floor pour on Friday evening, that was dry on Monday. This meant that the high traffic areas were open to staff continuously throughout business hours.


Time Taken

Completed in just 2 weeks, start to finish!


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