Project Description:

This project involved a the design and build of a new wooden seating and altar backdrop for the prayer room of St. Mary’s Secondary School in Glasnevin, Dublin. It is now room that the school can take pride in for years to come.

Incorporating Design

The GT Carpentry team designed and built new custom seating units for the prayer room in order to accommodate 30 students on each side. The new seating was designed to incorporate the curvature of the room’s statue.

Highly Detailed Carpentry

With over 800 pin holes to fill, the work was highly detailed. Everything was assembled within the room to accommodate the fact that the room is up two flights of stairs. The floors needed to be protected from damage so a plywood base was used for the seating and they are not fixed to the floor, so they are manoeuvrable if required.

Altar Backdrop

A new altar backdrop was also designed and built, with considerable intricacies, dramatically improving the look and feel of the altar area, and indeed the entire room.

Time taken

Completed over the course of 4 weeks, working around the school’s class times and exams


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