Garden Office Unit

Project Description:

With everyone in Ireland now so familiar with working from home, the rise in popularity of garden offices looks set to continue for the foreseeable. 

This fantastic garden office unit is designed to serve as a separate space for the owner to work in all year round – airy in Summer and warm in Winter – as well as a calming space for gym workouts and meditation. Built for a previous client of GT Carpentry, it is designed to blend well with the custom playhouse in the back garden.

GT Carpentry carried out all of the groundworks, pouring the concrete pad that the garden office is built on. As with all our projects, great care was taken to protect the driveway and both front and back gardens during the build.

Modern Garden Office

The garden office itself is a timber frame construction, fully insulated, with a fibre glass roof and shiplap timber on the external walls finished with black Ronseal paint.

The sliding glass door and glass panels allow a huge amount of light into the office and create that feeling of being outdoors, which make it a great work space.

The flooring is Krono Swiss floor, a hardwearing 12mm laminate with Ac5 rating so it is very durable and suitable for office use.

The garden office was built complete with electrics that include great WiFi, including its own modem connected through Cat 6 cable.

The Finishing Touches

The customer’s prized possessions were hung on the walls of the garden office to personalise the workspace.

To give it that high quality finish, the flower bed was adjusted to line up perfectly with the unit and a new stone pathway was built and external garden lighting installed to provide easy access. 

Planning Permission

At 4m by 4m, this garden office did not require planning permission as it was under the regulatory threshold of 25sqm.

Time To Complete

The entire project was completed in just 4 weeks, including groundworks, build, electrics, painting & decorating.

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