Garden Office

Custom-Built, No Planning Permission Required

This garden office project in Raheny, Dublin was completed in just 5 weeks. It demonstrates how quickly we can transform how we use the space available on our property in order to transform our lifestyle.

With a footprint under 25 square meters, this garden office required no planning permission. Using a combination of design techniques along with recommenations from the GT Carpentry team, the customer’s plans and dreams for their custom-built garden office were easily accommodated, resulting in this stunning finished product. 

Transforming Lifestyle

For anyone renting an office space, a custom-built garden office like this can completely transform your lifestyle. Say goodbye to long commutes, rental costs and road rage, swapping them for more time, more control and a much-improved family dynamic. 

Care and Cleanliness

We made a point of including photos to demonstrate the care and attention the GT Carpentry team place on taking care of our customers’ properties while on-site. Your home is your home, and we strive to look after it as best we can. 

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