Secondary School Refurbishment, North Dublin

Project Description:

This refurbishment project was undertaken for a secondary school in North Dublin. 

The school’s home economics room was no longer fit for purpose, with dampness in the walls, peeling paint and protruding pipes and services making it unhygienic and an unsuitable space for students to learn safely and effectively.


The ovens and work units in the room were removed to clear the space for the works to be completed. 

The walls were then covered with new insulation board and the entire room was then freshly plastered and left ready for painting. 

All of the existing pipeworks and services were accommodated, either being concealed or with access being maintained via recesses in the new walls. 

The result is a more hygienic and more suitable space for learning.

Special Challenges

Projects in schools always present unique challenges that the GT Carpentry team delight in overcoming. 

To prevent disruption to the student’s timetables, all works were completed on a tight schedule over the mid-term break. 

In this project, the high walls presented a challenge with scaffolding being erected to achieve plastering and the team worked around multiple obstacles to make sure the final deadline was made.

Time Taken

This entire project took just 2 weeks over the duration of the mid-term break, with the room ready for students on their first Monday back to school.

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